Pregnant and not worrying about Mozart effect

I have to admit – although my level of musical knowledge is probably above average, during pregnancy I spent a few nights reading other mum’s stories about how listening to certain kinds of music turned their children into geniuses. The so-called Mozart effect seems to be a popular subject among future mums – but does […]

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Classical music for kids – 7 pieces to listen and play games

Classical music – dull, humdrum, serious, stiff? Do you have similar connotations? Nothing further from the truth! Classical music doesn’t always have to be serious. And unless you’re at a concert, you don’t have to sit still while listening. In fact, listening to some pieces can make you sway, and some may make you trip […]

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7 reasons to learn a musical instrument

There are many advantages of playing an instrument. If there is such an ability that is truly worth developing and that benefits everyone, I believe it’s to learn a musical instrument. Here’s why. Health benefits of playing an instrument: It reduces stress Did you notice that listening to calm music can put your nerves at […]

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Let’s blow! Discovering wind instruments

Let me introduce a new series of posts in which we’ll be combining music with elements of visual arts. I want to present portions of music theory in such an easy way that you as a parent can understand (or often rather recall something you already know) and explain some musical facts, principles and know-hows […]

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30 Facts About Music Education

Everyone knows that music is fun. But did you know how many different benefits music education has for people of all ages? Check out how music can change and improve your life – and make you a better parent, too! Facts about music education for young children Music helps development: It’s never too early to […]

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How to prepare children for learning musical instruments?

Do you dream of your child playing a musical instrument one day? Maybe you yourself play an instrument and you know how enjoyable it can be? Maybe you think it must have been great living in times when almost everyone who came from a ‘good family’ learned to play piano? Or maybe you’ve found out […]

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