5 ways to improve your morning routine

Almost every mother knows this… Kids wake up much too early and in very bad moods. You try to understand how on Earth could you forget to buy bananas (or whatever keeps you going in the morning) and why you didn’t go to bed earlier last night. And there’s this overwhelming feeling that the morning […]

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Calming exercise for children: homemade pan flute

It’s time for another instrument from my DIY series! This time we’re going to build a panpipe – also known as pan flute or syrinx. It’s a wind instrument named after Pan, the Greek god of nature often depicted with that kind of a flute. A pan flute consists of several pipes of gradually increasing […]

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Do you feed your child with aesthetic fast foods?

Imagine talking to your little ones the way they talk to you: dada, gugu, gaga, baba. That wouldn’t exactly be a rich language environment stimulating speech development, would it… Although we usually adjust what we  say to our kids’ current capabilities, we tend to speak to them using rich vocabulary. We as parents (or at […]

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What’s wrong with Super Simple Songs for children?

Easiest answer to this question is: everything! And nothing! I sincerely admit – I’ve used Super Simple Songs channel myself many times. I even think it’s one of the reasons my 3-year-old is bilingual now (we’re a Polish family and we choose to speak to our children also in English). If you see the channel […]

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Great music gifts for kids

Birthdays, Children’s Day, Christmas or no occasion at all – kid’s love getting presents. And parents love giving them to their little ones and seeing those big happy smiles on their faces. That’s why today I want to show you some ideas for great quality gifts for kids of different age groups. And yes – […]

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Easy DIY maracas for children

As exotic as maracas’ name can sound to some people, these simple musical instruments actually feel quite familiar for many of us. They’re basically a kind of a rattle – very similar to those that we played with in childhood and that our own children are playing with today. A rattle is usually one of […]

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Optional classes for children – necessary or not? Notes on parenting & sensitive periods

Many times during my – still relatively short – motherhood I was surprised to find that my knowledge of parenting is broader than that of my mother (amazing mom of three daughters!). And I do mean broader, not deeper or better. It seems like the world got bigger and there’s so much more that today’s […]

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How to build a drum?

Drums are really great instruments! Everybody can play drums – you don’t need any special knowledge to do that and I think they’re among the easiest musical instruments to play… at least if we’re talking about simple drums for kids or a single bongo, since full drum sets with plates and everything may require a […]

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4 things you didn’t know about lullabies

Have you ever stopped in front of a shelf with a wide choice of lullabies in your local music store? Mozart, relaxing Aboriginal songs, even white noise – you can find any sort of wonders designed to put kids to sleep and help them calmly get through the night. No doubt such records and various […]

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7 rules of etiquette during a classical music concert

If you want your kids to have a habit of going to classical music concerts – start by going with them. As simple as that. But what if you’re not exactly familiar with specific convention and etiquette of classical concerts? What if you’re not so sure what it’s all about? Basic rules of classical concerts […]

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