Unbelievably easy DIY rattle for children

A rattle – simple toy known to almost all children… and an instrument unbelievably easy to build at home! It doesn’t require any special materials and in spite of that can make surprisingly diverse sounds (thanks to the balloons used as a membranes). It’s a great idea for a creative task for older children – they’re perfectly capable of building it by themselves! – or a very handy and fun toy for the little ones.

If you have some balloons and empty toilet paper rolls at hand, you’re all set for the task!

As you’ll soon find out, me and my kids had so much fun with our homemade rattle, that we’ve decided to make not one, not two – but whole bunch of them, using cardboard rolls of different lengths, changing how the membrane is stretched over the instrument, using various types of groats or even sand and pebbles to diversify the sound of our rattles.

Homemade rattle for children – what you need

To build your own homemade rattle you’ll need:

– a cardboard toilet paper roll

– sticky tape (I’ve used 2 kinds of tapes – strong insulating tape and some washi tape to decorate the instrument. You can do the same or decorate the rattle any other way you want)

– a handful of rice, groats, sand, pebbles – anything that will rattle inside the instrument

– 2 balloons

– scissors

Materials listed above are set to make a single rattle – so if you want more instruments, prepare some more balloons, groats and cardboard rolls.

DIY rattle – how to build it

Rattles are very easy to make. Start by cutting off the narrow parts of the balloons, you’ll need only the top, stretchy part to make a membrane.

Take the membrane and stretch it over one of the ends of the cardboard roll. Hold it in place and fill the roll with some rice, groats or whatever you’re using.

Stretch the second balloon over the roll, closing both ends of the tube.

Secure the balloons in place with some tape. I decided to use two different types of tape. First, insulating tape – it’s very tough and the glue is strong, so the balloons remain in place.  Then I used some decorative colored tape on top of that – it looks beautiful, but it’s made of paper, so on its own it might not be enough to secure the instrument, especially if your kids are very enthusiastic musicians!

And that’s all! Your beautiful DIY rattle is ready to play! This project is so unbelievably easy and the rattles are so much fun that we just couldn’t stop at one rattle – I’m sure you’ll understand 😉 If you want, you can also experiment a little with size of the cardboard rolls or you can use different materials to fill your instruments – it will slightly change the sound of each rattle.

Let me know how you like this easy DIY rattle and if you want some more inspiration for fun homemade instruments, click here and check my other projects.