Super easy DIY harmonica

Harmonica also known as French harp or mouth organ is a perfect instrument for kids just over 3 years old. In fact, it’s not only a fun toy, but also a good exercise for your mouth! You can play homemade harmonica that I’m going to show you today – when you just blow and have some fun with it, but it can also be played like a real instrument – when you alter the mouth’s pressure and regulate the crack’s width, therefore changing the tone and pitch of the sounds. When I first made this instrument by myself, I couldn’t believe it’s so easy to build – you’ll be surprised, too. So let’s start!

A homemade harmonica

For your DIY harmonica you’ll need:

– two tongue depressors (medical wooden sticks) – you can get a box of 100 sticks online or ask your doctor for a few tongue depressors upon your next appointment – although I do sincerely hope you won’t get sick any time soon!

– two small rubber bands

– a single toothpick

– a piece of paper the size of your tongue depressors – you can simply cut it out of a bigger page

– colored washi tape or some stickers to decorate your harmonica

Step 1: decoration

If you want your instrument to be nice and pretty, start with decorating one side of each stick. Some kind of washi-type colorful tape would be perfect for that since it’s really quick to apply and looks very good. But if you have some small stickers at hand, they’ll do just as well.

Step 2: main body

Put the 2 sticks together (colored side outwards) and place a piece of paper between them –just as if you were making a cheese sandwich (with paper being the cheese). Secure it with rubber bands on each end.

Step 3: the crack

Take the toothpick and cut it in half. Then cut off the pointy ends of the toothpick, so no one gets hurt while playing your DIY harmonica.

That way you’ll get two short pieces of toothpick – slide them into your instrument: between the tongue depressors, in the center part of your harmonica. Make sure the toothpick pieces are placed both on the same side of the paper that you’ve put between the sticks.

Then grab the toothpick pieces with your fingers and carefully slide them away from each other and towards the ends of your instrument.

And that’s it! Your homemade harmonica is now ready to play. I don’t know if you’re excited, but I definitely am! It’s a super easy project and you can build your instrument in no time. My kids loved it and I hope yours will, too!

Let me know what you think of this DIY harmonica and check my other quick and easy DIY instruments – just click here for more projects.