Soothing sound of rain: DIY rainmaker

Rainmaker, also known as rainstick is a simple percussion instrument that you can easily build at home. As its name suggests, the instrument is supposed to imitate sounds of falling rain. In this little DIY project that I want to share with you today, we’re going to use a secret ingredient that will make your instrument sound exactly like a rainy day! Let’s begin!

Homemade rainmaker

Rainmaker is an instrument very easy to build by yourself – out of the things everyone usually has at home. Here’s what you’ll need for your DIY rainmaker:

– 2 paper towel cardboard tubes

– tin foil

– 2 balloons

– several tablespoons of groats (preferably millet groats or cuscus – that’s our secret ingredient!)

– sticky tape

– scissors

– some stickers, colored tapes, wrapping paper or whatever you feel like using to decorate your instrument

DIY rainmaker: how to build it

Step 1

Use the tape to stick paper towel tubes together, making a single long cardboard tube.


Step 2

Cut off the bottom parts of the balloons – as shown in the picture below. To build your homemade rainmaker you’ll need only the stretchy parts.

Take the top of a balloon and stretch it over one of the ends of your tube. Leave the other one open for now.

Secure position of the balloon with tape.

Step 3

Unroll the tin foil – you’ll need a piece roughly the length of your cardboard tube.

Cut the tin foil off the roll and squish it a little so it starts to look like a small snake.

Carefully slide it inside the cardboard tube, then pour the groats into the tube.

Step 4

Take the other balloon and use it to cover the remaining end of your tube, closing the instrument. Secure it with some tape – just as you did in step 2.

Thanks to the balloons, your instrument will make not only the rustling sound of rain (when groats move inside the tube), but also of drops falling on the windowsill or the roof (when they hit the surface of the stretched balloons).

Step 5

Decorate your rainmaker. Use stickers, colored tapes, wrapping paper or anything colorful that you have at home. It’s a good idea to let your children do this part – I’m pretty sure they’ll come up with something creative!

And that’s it! Your own homemade rainmaker is done and ready to play! Easy, right? Let me know how you and your kids like it – and if you want some more inspirations and more of my simple DIY projects, click here.