Quality children’s books in English – subjective TOP 5

I must admit that in our house, English books are everywhere! I don’t actually buy toys for my children, but books are another thing. I see their value: developmental, linguistic, aesthetic etc. so I give myself the green light every once in a while to ‘go wild’. And that’s how I’ve got this huuuge library now. But just to be clear – obviously I haven’t seen every English children’s book in the world and then chosen the best 5 best; This is a very subjective list and a lot of it is also just by coincidence. Maybe I bought it because it was on sale or it was passed down to me or it was a gift or I saw it at a friend’s house and liked it so much I had to buy it too.

Anyway, get ready to start your adventure with some English books based on the following suggestions. I recommend these books for kids aged two-three years old and older children, for several reasons:

  • The stories are cool (surprising, joyful but also informative)
  • They are unbelievably beautiful – each in their own way. For me they’re no longer ‘ordinary books’ but an aesthetic feast.
  • The last book of my ‘top 5’ is a great investment – you buy one book and but get many stories ?


I really like this book, simply because it helps me explain to my older son why his younger brother wants to do everything he does.

Each page is a different adventure for the dog and his little follower – “copy cat”. So, aesthetically every page is a different world which is amazing.


A story about how just because someone said something is impossible doesn’t mean it actually is! It’s a very positive and beautifully illustrated book. Plus there’s also a simple lesson here that eating carrots helps your eyesight and that from just one vegetable you can conjure up many different meals ?


Simple, beautiful, extraordinary. The main character – Little Crocodile, wants to spend time with his brothers, who can only think about splashing in the water. The problem is that he hates water. *SPOILER ALERT* This is because he’s not a crocodile, he’s a dragon! Just because something seems a certain way to us, doesn’t always mean that it must be so. A very interesting book from an award-winning illustrator.

ROBERTO – The Insect Architect

An aesthetic hit for me. This book is actually a collection of amazing collages. It also has an incredibly encouraging message about discovering and using your talents instead of “just going with the flow” doing what ‘should be’ done. A lot of smart themes in this book which make it perfect for a three year old or for a teenager!



If I was to have only one English book in my home, I’d have this one. This book contains a collection of seven different, beautifully illustrated stories. Every story has a different style of illustration.

Rosie’s Walk /Pat Hutchins, Dogger /Shirley Hughes, Mister Magnolia /Quentin Blake, The Giant Jam Sandwich /John Vernon Lord and Janet Burroway, Mrs Pepperpot and the Treasure /Alf Prøysen and Hilda Offen, Me and You /Anthony Browne, The Bear /Raymond Briggs

I bought this last book at TK-Maxx for a very cheap price, although I know that normally this book isn’t cheap. None of these books will probably be cheap, or at least they shouldn’t be because they are incredibly valuable, and generally you have to pay for quality. But if you manage to find them at a good price, then I really recommend you buy something that will be joyful, wise and beautiful.