French Horn DIY

The French Horn! This is a wind instrument made out of tin. It belongs to exactly the same instrument family as the trumpet, trombone and tuba, BUT this ISN’T a trombone, OR a trumpet OR a tuba 😉 It also has the word horn in the name – these ancient horns are often used to declare when something is going on outside such as: going into battle or when a hunt is returning.

I really love this DIY for its simplicity while at the same time the quite professional end result.

On to the DIY!

What you will need:
A piece of garden hose (about 60 – 80 cm)
A funnel
One of the “blowing dragon, birthday party trumpet/noise maker” thing  –  we just used the pipe itself, without the paper end.
Electricians tape (or something else)

First we laid the hose in a loop, then secured it with tape.

Then we stuck the “birthday whistle/noise maker” thing to one end with some red tape. Make sure you join the hose to the wider end, so that you can blow in the narrow end of the tube. 

Now at the other end of the hose attach the funnel with some tape and you’re all done!