Music education at home – why it’s a must

More and more parents these days realize the importance of early music education in their children’s development. If a local preschool offers regular music classes for children, they’re happy to sign their little ones up. And that’s fantastic! But the real question remains – is that enough? Let’s use a little analogy here. How effective […]

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Do you feed your child with aesthetic fast foods?

Imagine talking to your little ones the way they talk to you: dada, gugu, gaga, baba. That wouldn’t exactly be a rich language environment stimulating speech development, would it… Although we usually adjust what we  say to our kids’ current capabilities, we tend to speak to them using rich vocabulary. We as parents (or at […]

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What’s wrong with Super Simple Songs for children?

Easiest answer to this question is: everything! And nothing! I sincerely admit – I’ve used Super Simple Songs channel myself many times. I even think it’s one of the reasons my 3-year-old is bilingual now (we’re a Polish family and we choose to speak to our children also in English). If you see the channel […]

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Optional classes for children – necessary or not? Notes on parenting & sensitive periods

Many times during my – still relatively short – motherhood I was surprised to find that my knowledge of parenting is broader than that of my mother (amazing mom of three daughters!). And I do mean broader, not deeper or better. It seems like the world got bigger and there’s so much more that today’s […]

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4 things you didn’t know about lullabies

Have you ever stopped in front of a shelf with a wide choice of lullabies in your local music store? Mozart, relaxing Aboriginal songs, even white noise – you can find any sort of wonders designed to put kids to sleep and help them calmly get through the night. No doubt such records and various […]

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Pregnant and not worrying about Mozart effect

I have to admit – although my level of musical knowledge is probably above average, during pregnancy I spent a few nights reading other mum’s stories about how listening to certain kinds of music turned their children into geniuses. The so-called Mozart effect seems to be a popular subject among future mums – but does […]

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7 reasons to learn a musical instrument

There are many advantages of playing an instrument. If there is such an ability that is truly worth developing and that benefits everyone, I believe it’s to learn a musical instrument. Here’s why. Health benefits of playing an instrument: It reduces stress Did you notice that listening to calm music can put your nerves at […]

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30 Facts About Music Education

Everyone knows that music is fun. But did you know how many different benefits music education has for people of all ages? Check out how music can change and improve your life – and make you a better parent, too! Facts about music education for young children Music helps development: It’s never too early to […]

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