Best children’s lullabies on YouTube

Lullaby is a great tool for every parent. It helps to sooth your children and put them to sleep, it gives your family a nice, bonding ritual. And if you pick your lullabies right, they can broaden your child’s mind and help him or her develop a fine taste in music.

But lullabies are not only for putting your children to sleep. Peaceful tunes can also become a perfect background for reading children’s stories, doing a puzzle, playing with dolls or matchbox cars. And if they’re illustrated with some beautiful animation, they can help your kids get through a long car journey or time spent in the waiting room at doctor’s office.

So today I’m going to share with you some beautiful and musically rich lullabies and songs for children from all over the world – that you can simply watch and listen to on YouTube. Of course, my list is very subjective, but I’m pretty sure you’ll also love these amazing tunes. And trust me – it’s not easy to find something more valuable on YouTube, at least in terms of creating a rich musical environment for children.

Musically and visually rich lullabies on YouTube

Let’s start with a polyphonic African lullaby unaccompanied by any instruments. Can you believe that this amazing song is created only with human voices?

Our second song really opens your mind! If you listen closely, you may notice that the melody consists of much more than just our familiar do, re, mi, fa, sol… notes. And that’s the real beauty of listening to the tunes from around the world – they remind us that Western culture didn’t monopolize the term “music”!

The third lullaby is from Denmark but sounds kind of familiar. And, just as the previous two, this one is also beautifully animated!

And here’s a famous Polish lullaby, interestingly arranged and illustrated with a beautiful, absorbing animation. Enjoy!

Now it’s time for three more African songs for children that absolutely conquered my heart. Look at the animations, they’re incredible!

If you are fond of such beautiful African rhythms, here you can find a whole 40-minute album with lullabies and other songs for children.

I wouldn’t be myself if I didn’t put our own Pomelody’s Pussycat on this list. Maybe it’s not very subtle advertising, but the song truly is adorable and beautifully animated. And it’s perfect for putting your kids to sleep or for listening to at any time of the day.

The next song was my 2-year-old’s favorite bedtime lullaby for several months. No wonder – my mind is also drifting when I listen to this one. It’s more playful than the rest of the lullabies, but it’s closer to what surrounds us everyday, too.

To conclude this little list of best lullabies on YouTube, I present to you another Polish song and my newest discovery. Or, to be perfectly honest, an album suggested to me by one of my readers – for which I’m very thankful, because the songs are amazing! Hear for yourself:

If you like my little list of lullabies, don’t hesitate to share it with the world – the tunes are really worth it! And if can think of any lullaby that should definitely be mentioned on this list, let me know in the comments. I’d be happy to listen to something new and include it in one of my posts.