Musical, sing-along books – Parenting “life-hack”

This is a blog post straight from the heart. For those who know me, you know that I’m a real enthusiast of these two things: music and good kids books. So there you go: Today’s post is about sing along books, which are one of the best parenting tools that I can imagine.   In […]

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Fire-breathing dragon – fun developing speech

One advantages of playing games that involve ‘intentional breathing’ exercises are how they directly support the process of speech development. And in the music world there are a lot of these types of ‘games’ such as: singing or playing on an instrument – even just blowing on a whistle, flute or harmonica (a DIY one […]

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Quality children’s books in English – subjective TOP 5

I must admit that in our house, English books are everywhere! I don’t actually buy toys for my children, but books are another thing. I see their value: developmental, linguistic, aesthetic etc. so I give myself the green light every once in a while to ‘go wild’. And that’s how I’ve got this huuuge library now. […]

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French Horn DIY

The French Horn! This is a wind instrument made out of tin. It belongs to exactly the same instrument family as the trumpet, trombone and tuba, BUT this ISN’T a trombone, OR a trumpet OR a tuba 😉 It also has the word horn in the name – these ancient horns are often used to […]

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Homemade string instrument: how to make a zither?

I have yet another easy DIY project for you today. So far I’ve shared with you mostly ideas for homemade percussion and wind instruments – but this time we’re going to make a chordophone… or to put it simply: a string instrument! Get ready, because today we’re building a zither! Homemade zither – what you […]

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Best children’s lullabies on YouTube

Lullaby is a great tool for every parent. It helps to sooth your children and put them to sleep, it gives your family a nice, bonding ritual. And if you pick your lullabies right, they can broaden your child’s mind and help him or her develop a fine taste in music. But lullabies are not […]

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Unbelievably easy DIY rattle for children

A rattle – simple toy known to almost all children… and an instrument unbelievably easy to build at home! It doesn’t require any special materials and in spite of that can make surprisingly diverse sounds (thanks to the balloons used as a membranes). It’s a great idea for a creative task for older children – […]

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Soothing sound of rain: DIY rainmaker

Rainmaker, also known as rainstick is a simple percussion instrument that you can easily build at home. As its name suggests, the instrument is supposed to imitate sounds of falling rain. In this little DIY project that I want to share with you today, we’re going to use a secret ingredient that will make your […]

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Music education at home – why it’s a must

More and more parents these days realize the importance of early music education in their children’s development. If a local preschool offers regular music classes for children, they’re happy to sign their little ones up. And that’s fantastic! But the real question remains – is that enough? Let’s use a little analogy here. How effective […]

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Super easy DIY harmonica

Harmonica also known as French harp or mouth organ is a perfect instrument for kids just over 3 years old. In fact, it’s not only a fun toy, but also a good exercise for your mouth! You can play homemade harmonica that I’m going to show you today – when you just blow and have […]

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